What are common issues with MECM?

Package Downloads stuck at 0%

1. Check IIS to see if it's started on the distribution point.

2. If it's not, click on the default site

3.  Click on "bindings"

4.  If there's an HTTPS Entry with the hostname as the port, remove it and make sure there's an HTTPS entry there with the proper certificate.


OS Deployment - Task Sequence Frozen at Applying Operating System(not downloading).

1. In configuration manager console.

2. Click on Site

3. Click on Configure site components

4. Click on Software Distribution

5.  On the network access account tab, specify an account that has access to the share where the image is.

MECM client deployment in task sequences is not completing.

A GPUpdate task is required to allow the device to get the certificate before installing the client. 

1.  Add a step, before the "Setup Windows and Configuration Manager" step, of type "Set Task Sequence Variable" with the variable "SMSTSPostAction" and Value set to "cmd /c "C:\Windows\System32\gpupdate.exe /force /boot" & "reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce" /v Restart /t REG_SZ /d "shutdown.exe /f /r /t 15" /f"".


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