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Blackboard is UIC's learning management system for course-related activities and grade reporting.

UIC's IT Service Desk, staffed by Technology Solutions, is available to assist the UIC community with their IT questions and address any problems that arise.

The authentication service provides users the ability to authenticate against password-protected systems using a UIC NetID and UIC password.

Assistance with IT issues, service requests and queries.

The password management service allows you to change and recover password for credentials assigned to you as well as to manage two factor authentication devices and settings for your accounts.

PARIS (CPA/PUA), ANA (Employee Recognition Awards/Overpayments/Paystops), SURS/OASDI *NOTE - ANA leave balance adjustments should be directed to HR

Technology maintenance, classroom tech and event tech services

Paychecks, paycards, direct deposit, calculations, deductions, overpayment notifications and earning statements

Website and News Services

A web-based survey platform for creating, publishing, and analyzing survey data.

Awards/prizes, expense reimbursements, honorariums, human subject payments, independent contractors, royalties, scholarship/fellowships, and other income

College of Medicine Informational Resources (COMIR) Development and Applications.
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Payments to Foreign National Employees Working In the U.S., Payments to Foreign National Employees Working Outside the U.S., Obtain a Temporary Control Number (TCN)

Information and link to enroll in new Hire Orientations Enrollment System


Tax inquiries, tax forms, tuition waiver taxation, Certificate for working out of State (CNR)

SharePoint is a tool for collaboration that helps groups of people (e.g. work teams or social groups) share information and work together. Members of the UIC Community can view their designated UIC site collections with SharePoint.

This service is used for System Office employees to request services and report problems to the Teamdynamix Administration team.

CADA IT Helpdesk is here to assist you with your technology problem

Technology Solutions provides basic DNS and basic connectivity.

Technology Solutions provides a personal University email address to all current students, staff, and faculty. The email address is in the format and can be used in conjunction with any of the email and calendaring solutions provided by Technology Solutions.

BitLocker, Security Updates, Phishing and Malware Concerns

LAS IT is available to help you with your IT needs