Infrastructure services maintain the enterprise-level hardware, software, systems, and network infrastructure that provides the underlying foundation for university activities. Services in this category include the hosting and administration of databases; the maintenance of physical data centers and strategy for data center management; the provisioning, hosting, and administration of servers; the back-end technology and services required to maintain core storage capabilities; and the maintenance of infrastructure items required to offer network connectivity.

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Technology Solutions West Campus Data Center provides a server hosting environment including UPS and Generator backup power. This Technology Solutions' controlled space is operated as a university HIPAA covered entity, departmental server resource, in order to provide secure and reliable services for university servers, computing, and data applications.

Network services are provided for wired and wireless networks. Network access is provided in student residences, academic, and administrative buildings.

A Virtual Machine is a guest server hosted on a VM host. The Technology Solutions VM service includes maintenance of the physical environment such as power, cooling, physical security and networking, system monitoring, patches and upgrades, backups, business continuity and disaster recovery, and performance tuning.

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Database Systems

Technology Solutions offers two types of relational database management systems (RDBMS): Microsoft SQL and MySQL