Advanced Cyberinfrastructure for Education and Research strives to provide researchers and their collaborators around the globe, with a broad array of computational resources and data-related services to meet any or all of their technical needs. These services include, but are not limited to, providing access to high-performance computing clusters, big data analytics clusters, collaborative research data storage, and secure research environments and high-performance networking. In addition to providing resources, ACER provides consulting services to researchers to support their broad range of research aims. From building advanced computing architectures and systems, setting up platforms to securely receive and analyze data from environment sensors, to software defined networking projects, ACER is committed to furthering UIC’s research ambitions.

Services (7)

High-Performance Research Computing

High-performance computing resources for research and educational use.

IRB Technology Security Assessment

When the risk of using a specific technology for human subject research activities is unknown, the UIC Institutional Review Board (IRB) may require that a security assessment of the technology be performed. The Technology Solutions Information Security and Privacy Office works with investigators to perform a technology security assessment that can be provided as a response to the IRB.

Qualtrics Surveys

A web-based survey platform for creating, publishing, and analyzing survey data.

Research Data Transfers and Management

Globus is a platform designed to transfer and manage large amounts of data quickly and reliably across the web. Using this service, researchers can move, share, sync, and discover data via a convenient web interface.

Secure Computing Environment

The Secure Computing Environment is a secure environment that mitigates the risks of working with electronic personal health information and other types of high-risk data. The SCE eases the burden on the researcher of having to configure and ensure that their computational work environment has been configured with the appropriate security controls and to minimize the risk of exposing high-risk data.

Software for Research Computing

Request installation of software on one of UIC's research computing systems.

Travel Laptops for Researchers

To accommodate researchers' computer needs while traveling, UIC has made Windows or Mac laptops available for short-term loan.