Equipment Lending

What Is It?

Students, instructors, and researchers can request short-term and long-term loans of various equipment to support their academic needs. Information about checkouts and reservations can be found on this page.

Other Service Names

COVID-19 Long Term Equipment Loan; Laptop Loan; Researcher Travel Laptop


Acceptance of equipment lending constitutes acceptance of the university-owned equipment loan/rental policy.

Where Can I Get It?

Select the type of request needed from the buttons located on this page.

How Do I Use It?

Each service offering has its own requirements. Consult the appropriate offering from the list below:

How Can I Find Out More?

Technology Solutions welcomes any questions you have about this service. Please reach out to us.

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Fri 6/24/22 7:51 PM
Wed 4/19/23 12:34 PM
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Service Offerings (4)

COVID-19 Long-Term Equipment Loan
Laptops and cellular hotspots for temporary loan to students who do not have reliable access to a computer and/or internet at their home.
Short-Term Lending
Short-term loans of various equipment to support the academic needs of students and faculty.
Travel Laptops for Researchers
To accommodate researchers' computer needs while traveling, UIC has made Windows or Mac laptops available for short-term loan.
PAP Long-Term Laptop Loan
Funded through the Library/IT Assessment, Technology Solutions partners with the Honors College to offer a laptop for long-term loan to recipients of the Presidential Awards Program.