Desktop and Mobile Computing

Computing services enable students, faculty, and staff to do their day-to-day work, including providing access to enterprise services. Services in this category include support for the management of University-owned end-point devices and associated operating and application software; printing services, and the distribution of software and licenses.

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Technology Solutions provides a centrally managed printing service, making it easy for users to print when they want, where they want. As of Fall 2019, UIC has moved to Wepa as the university-wide solution, allowing users to send print jobs from their laptop or phone, or from a computer lab, and print at any Wepa print station. Read more about the new Wepa solution below.

Licensed software is distributed directly through the WebStore. The WebStore strives to provide the software needed at the lowest possible price.

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Endpoint Backups

CrashPlan is an online backup service that boasts an excellent interface, unlimited storage plans, and the ability to back up to your own internet-connected computers. CrashPlan is not offered for server backups, or personal data from privately-owned computers, but is available for backups of UIC-related data on individual UIC-owned devices.

Endpoint Management

The Endpoint Management service delivers centralized technology to aid in comprehensive management of endpoint computers. The Endpoint Management service provides tools for IT staff to help manage applications, update software, deploy operating systems, and help ensure desktop/laptop compliance within university policies.​​​​​​​

Recharge Stations

Recharge Stations allow users to charge their electronic device securely while on the go.

Report a Digital Accessibility Problem

The University of Illinois Chicago is committed to ensuring that our IT resources, such as websites, web applications, teaching and learning technologies, digital content and other electronic platforms and communications can be used by all members of our community.

Technical Helpdesk

Technology Solutions provides hands-on technical support for student, faculty, and staff personal laptops and mobile devices, assisting with connections to UIC-WiFi, virus/malware removal and protection, and installation of campus-licensed software. This service is available at the BSB Learning Center.