Services related to NetIDs, passwords, and access to services

Services (7)

Active Directory

Active Directory provides University-wide infrastructure to authenticate customers and authorize them to access certain resources, as well as manage accounts, groups, computers, and devices.

Affiliate NetID Manager Department Provisioning Request

The External Affiliation tool is replacing the old process for requesting sponsored netIDs Departments will need to be provisioned in order to use the tool form will provide the service admins with the necessary data to do this. Please fill the form out completely.

Authorization Manager

AuthMan is a groups registry allowing groups of people to be assembled for purposes of access control by other services and applications.

Central Registry

The Central Registry is a collection of individual and group University-oriented online identities for customers at the Urbana campus.

NetID Claim

NetID Claim is used to set up and manage email addresses and passwords, email forwarding, and password resets for incoming students and new employees.

NetID Password

Your NetID is a unique identifier assigned to you across all University of Illinois campuses. With your associated NetID password, it serves as your login to most University computing and networking services.


Shibboleth provides secure login authentication to many web-based applications for customers on and off the University campus.