About the Help Center

An easier way to find IT services, answers, and support!

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and System Offices are proud to introduce the new UIUC Tech Help Center, a modern, mobile-friendly IT service management (ITSM) tool that provides a convenient place to get support, request services, and find answers to frequently asked questions!

Cartoon representation of the UIUC Help Center website display with screens and icons

What is the UIUC Tech Help Center?

The UIUC Tech Help Center is part of a new service management solution, powered by TeamDynamix, that will provide a centralized location for community members to get support, find answers, and submit and manage service requests

  • Get Support
    UIUC Tech Help Center provides a centralized location to request services, get support and submit requests. No more going to different websites or trying to remember what email address to send to for help!
  • Find Answers
    KnowledgeBase articles, online guides with answers to frequently asked questions, how-to guides, and troubleshooting tips will be available by searching the UIUC Tech Help Center.
  • Manage Requests
    This new system is mobile-friendly and easy to use, enabling you to monitor, manage, and access your requests. This replaces Service Desk Manager (SDM) which was used for support requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this happening?

The TeamDynamix product behind the UIUC Tech Help Center is being implemented by many units across the University of Illinois System. The goals of the system-level implementation are:

  • To improve the customer experience. Customers are often inconvenienced by having to navigate the university organizational structure to locate the help needed.
  • To create a seamless ticketing system with a modern, mobile-friendly interface that supports all customers regardless of unit affiliation.
  • To replace ticketing systems and project portfolio systems that have reached their limits of effectiveness and adoption.
  • To enhance support operations and enable support staff to work cross-functionally and collaboratively with other IT support staff and units.
  • To enable leadership to more easily and accurately understand the effort and impact of IT at our universities.

An additional goal is to expand the UIUC Tech Help Center beyond just IT services, enabling a true one-stop portal to various services and resources across the university.

How will I contact you to get help?

The primary method for getting help will be visiting the UIUC Tech Help Center to see and request our available services and self-help documentation, and submit a question or report a problem. However, you will also still be able to reach us at consult@illinois.edu or by phone at 217-244-7000.

How will I use the UIUC Tech Help Center?

Once the UIUC Tech Help Center is launched, you will visit help.illinois.edu and search for what you need, use the Services tab in the menu or search the Answers KnowledgeBase. Be sure to log in to the site for the best experience, as you can then mark certain services as Favorites, along with being able to see additional content and your current and past requests.

What should I be aware of when I contact you after the UIUC Tech Help Center launches?

There are a few substantial changes that come with this transition to the UIUC Tech Help Center.

  • If you send an email to request support, anyone else you copy on your message will not be added to the resulting ticket. Instead, you should note in the body of your email any additional individuals (with email addresses) that you would like to be added to the ticket, and we will add them.
  • All emails coming from the UIUC Tech Help Center will originate from the same email address: servicereplies@uillinois.edu. For example:
    • If you email consult@illinois.edu, you will receive a notification that a ticket was created, and that will come from servicereplies@uillinois.edu. You will be able to either reply to the email or select the button within the email to visit the UIUC Tech Help Center to interact with your ticket.
    • However, you are not able to send a new email to servicereplies@uillinois.edu to create new tickets.
  • The UIUC Tech Help Center is integrated with the UIUC directory. This means your experience will be best when you log into the Help Center (using your NetID and password). This will allow you to see all of your current and past tickets, and personalize your experience on the website by marking certain services or as Favorites.
What is going to happen to the Answers KnowledgeBase?

The UIUC community and System Offices will continue to use Answers for all knowledgebase articles. The University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) will transfer its knowledgebase articles to the UIC Help Center, and answers.uic.edu will be turned off.

Will I still be able to access Service Desk Manager (SDM) to view old tickets?

Historical SDM tickets are not being transferred to the UIUC Tech Help Center. SDM will be available in a read-only mode for a period of time, before being fully shut down. During the read-only period, historical tickets may be viewed but you won’t be able to update them.

My unit currently uses SDM. How does this impact us?

There are no immediate changes to your use of SDM, but AITS will be reaching out soon with more details to help schedule and plan for a transition to TeamDynamix.

I'm an IT Pro with questions about the UIUC Tech Help Center. How can I find more information?

IT Pros can find project information at the TDX Transitions Website.