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Explains how a user can request a NetID change.
This is to be used ONLY for EMPLOYEES when their phonebook contact reports that UI New Hire was unsuccessful. Or, there was an issue using HR Front End and the employee needs an alternative to activate their NetID.
Explains how a UIC student, faculty or staff can review and/or modify their password recovery options.
Instructions how an user can update their password through the identity portal.
Accounts extension to retrieve data once the university affiliation expires
UIC HR Support:
Finding and looking up UIN.
An email alias is a NetID without associated accounts; therefore, it does not have a login or password associated with it.
For password assistance at Peoria or Rockford, contact your local UIC Phonebook (PB) Contact liaison.
Emerita/Emeritus affiliations are not added until the appointment is confirmed by the BOT
In some cases, it may not be possible to come to campus to reset a forgotten password.
The best form to acquire an activation token by a student is given below.
External affiliations, by definition, are those whose NetIDs are not created by student admission processes or in relation to departmental hiring procedures, and/or whose status cannot be verified by student and employee data that can be collected from Banner.
Explains to the user what to do once appointed as an Emerita/Emeritus.
Gives information on which password is expiring