How do I create a listserv?

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This article explains how someone can create their own listserv

UIC faculty, staff and students can use the Listserv Creation Form to create new lists. The list will be created immediately; its email address will be, where listname is the name you selected for the list. The additional email alias will be created instantly as well, although this is only an alias that routes email to

Do you want Listserv to keep an archive of your listserv list's email? Please request this on the form when you request your list. It cannot be added after the list is created.

You are responsible for maintaining your own listserv list(s). Technology Solutions can offer assistance and advice, but the primary maintainer of the list is you.

  1. Go to the listserv creation form at
  2. Log in with your NetID and password.
  3. Choose a unique name for the list.
  4. Fill in any owners or editors email addresses on the form.
  5. Choose the appropriate options for items 10 to 13 on the form.
  6. Click Submit Request.
You can also consult the List Owners Guide available at
UIC Listserv Management Interface / List Archives


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