How do I edit the "Also Known As" and "Keywords" link in DeptUpdate?

This article provides instructions on editing the "also known as" and "keywords" link in DeptUpdate.

When the department's listing is brought up in  DeptUpdate you will see a link at the top called "Also Known As:" and "Keywords:". After clicking on this link you will see two sections, one for the AKA or aliases and one for the keywords.

The AKA window is used to list alternate names or aliases for the department. For example if the "department name" is "UIC Hospital" but it is also known as "UIC Medical Center", you should list "UIC Medical Center", and any other alias, in the AKA window, making sure each name is on a separate line. Please do not use commas to separate the names. Each name listed in the aliases window will create an entry in the Directory A-Z Listing under the corresponding first letter, so remember:

  • Do not enter aliases that begin with the same word. For example: UIC Hospital and UIC Hospital, something
  • Do not enter the department name as an alias. Department names automatically show up in the  A-Z Listing
  • Do not enter an alias that is already used by another department. Check the  A-Z Listing first, if you must us the same alias add a ", something" or "- something" that will distinguish your department from the others listed.

The keywords window is used to list words that you want the department to be searched by. These words can be associated with services your department provides, classes your department teaches...etc. Let's take the department of Art History as an example. Keywords might be: architecture, urban art ...etc. As in the case of the AKA please do not use commas to separate the names and please keep each keyword on a separate line. Now when someone enters any of those words in the  A-Z Listing and clicks on "search" this department will be listed, along with any other department who has those words as their key words. Also, there is no need to add words that are already in the department name as keywords, this is done automatically.


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