What do I do now that I have been assigned as Phonebook Contact for my department?

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Congratulations! You have been assigned to be your department's Phonebook Contact (PbContact/PB). Rest assured this article will provide instructions and guide you on what you need to function in your new PbContact/PB role.

What is a PbContact/PB? 

Phonebook Contact (PbContact/PB) liaisons are responsible for maintaining directory information for employees and their unit listing in the UIC Directory. PbContacts are also responsible for creating NetIDs for new employees and adding/removing employees from their unit. They also have access to various tools which allow them to accomplish the various directory related tasks. PbContacts are automatically added to the PbContact listserv list which is used to send them announcements and other important information.

PbContacts have access to the Technology Solutions/PbContacts Web Wiki where they can find announcements, a Pb Contacts FAQ and other resources. To update employee directory information PbContacts should use PbUpdate and DeptUpdate to update unit directory information. 

PbContacts will also manage external affiliationsExternal affiliations, by definition, are those whose NetIDs are not created by student admission processes or in relation to departmental hiring procedures, and/or whose status cannot be verified by student and employee data that can be collected from Banner.

External affiliates who need NetIDs should be processed and/or renewed through the External Affiliates Page. Each unit should have at least two PbContacts assigned and least one primary PbContact assigned. Please contact directoryservices@uic.edu for support related to the UIC Directory.


What is the UIC Directory? 

The UIC Directory is not just only a way to find contact information for employees and departments, it is much more than that. When a PbContact enters someone into the Directory and assigns an affiliation to that employee they are starting the process that will ensure that the employee will be able to obtain a UIC email address, UIC email accounts and create and manage a password. 

The UIC NetID and password are required to access many online resources available at UIC such as NESSIEExchange Online Web App (for email account access) and any other web site that requires bluestem authentication. When the affiliation is expired, the employee will be removed from the UIC Directory and will be put on a 90 day grace period before losing complete access to those resources.

The main tools you will be using to update the Directory are the following:

PbUpdate - Used to add/update employee Directory information

DeptUpdate - Used to update department Directory information

External Affiliates Page - Used to add external employees to the Directory


More helpful PbContact Resources:

Technology Solutions/PbContacts Web Wiki - Find announcements, processing instructions, and other resources

Pb Contacts FAQ - Pb Contacts Frequently asked questions and answers

UIC Directory - Find contact information for employees and departments


Need more support? 

Please feel free to contact the Technology Solutions Phonebook Administrator by sending a message to directoryservices@uic.edu. You will receive a response as soon as possible.  Please make certain to provide your name, NetID/UIN, and a detailed description of your issue. If possible provide a screenshot or copy and paste the exact error message. 


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