How do I use DeptUpdate?

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DeptUpdate is used to update the departments Directory listing that can be found in the A-Z Listing.

DeptUpdate is an application available to departmental designated Phonebook Contacts, which is used only for departmental info and positions, as seen in the unit listings. Updates in DeptUpdate appear immediately in the unit listings
Once the authorized Pb contact has accessed DeptUpdate: 
  1. Select a department, if there is more than one choice.
  2. Then click List/Edit Dept Info to see a list of all positions for the selected department.
  3. Once you have the Departmental Info List, then:
    • To Add a New Position -- Click New Position Form fill out the info and click Save.
    • To Modify or Delete an Existing Position -- Click on the info you want to modify. Then modify the form appropriately and click Save Or click delete at that point to delete the entire position.
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