How do I set up or update password recovery options?

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Explains ways a person can update or recover their password

Visit the IAM Password Management page at to set up or modify your password recovery options.  The contact information you provide will allow self management of your password if it becomes unusable (expired, forgotten, or locked) and will only be used for password changes, computer account security events including concerns or alerts involving your high risk data, or as authorized by law. For more information, please refer to the University Web Privacy policy.

  • Set Up Recovery Options
    • The first time you set a password in the IAM Password Management system you will be required to create at least one recovery option.  There are three options available:
      • Non-University Email Address.  Select an external address that is only accessible to you.  In the event you need a password reset, a message will be sent to this emergency email address, containing a unique, time-sensitive link.  Follow the link in your browser and follow the instructions in selecting a new password. 
      • Text-Enabled Phone Number.  A text message with password reset PIN will be sent to this number. 
      • Voice Callback Phone Number. You will receive a call with an automated message containing a password reset token. 
    • Opting Out
      • Opting out of setting up recovery options is not advised. If you do not set up options for password recovery your only option for password change assistance will be via an in-person visit to a campus helpdesk.  The only Technology Solutions Service Desk location that supports in-person password changes is the Technical Helpdesk at IDEA Commons in the Richard J. Daley Library. If you choose to opt out that decision will be noted in the IAM Password Management system.
  • Modify Recovery Options
    • Login with NetID and Password
    • Select Modify Recovery Options
    • Modify any of the the options and Save.

Password recovery options can only enable you to set a new password. It is not possible to disclose your existing password.


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