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What Is It?

The UIC campus wireless network identifies itself as UIC-WiFi.

Only current students, faculty, and staff can use the UIC-WiFi. Visitors to UIC may be eligible to use UIC-Guest or eduroam.

Other Service Names

Wireless Network


UIC-WiFi uses WPA2 Enterprise Security. WPA2 Enterprise implements the 802.11i security standard, which includes AES encryption and 802.1x authentication. The specific authentication method that we use is PEAPMSCHAPv2.


Who Is Eligible To Use It?

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff

Where Can I Get It?

UIC-WiFi is available in most areas of the campus. See Which campus locations support wireless network access? for more details.

How Do I Use It?

Select the Connect to UIC-WiFi button on this page to learn how to connect.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • The UIC-WiFi public network may be used by members of the UIC community at no charge. Students who reside in UIC residence halls must pay the Res-Net charge; this part of the UIC-WiFi network is not public.
  • Vistors to UIC may be eligible to use either UIC-Guest or eduroam.

How Can I Get Support?

If you are experiencing a problem with this service, please report it. If you just have a question, feel free to ask us.

Service Levels

Incident Resolution Time 3-5 business days unless blueprints are required from Facilities Management
Service Availability 24x7
Maintenance Window(s) Approved Technology Solutions maintenance window(s)
Service Notification Channel(s) IT Service Notices
Connect to UIC-WiFi


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Fri 6/24/22 5:44 PM
Thu 12/21/23 12:40 PM
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