How do I encrypt using MBAM?

Once the client has been installed, you'll be automatically prompted to encrypt your machine. This period is around 24 hours.

NOTE:  You can manually trigger this prompt by navigating to (by default) C:\Program Files\Microsoft and double-clicking on "MBAMClientUI.exe"
NOTE:  You cannot encrypt your machine using MBAM if you are currently connected to it remotely.

To encrypt using MBAM:

  1.  You will be presented with the following screen. Click on "Start".

    NOTE:  Depending on when the client was installed, you may be able to postpone encryption until a later date by clicking on "Postpone". If you want to request to not encrypt your machine using MBAM, then click on "Request Exemption" and follow the instructions on the screen. 

  2.   Once you click start, your machine will automatically begin to encrypt.  You can use it normally while it is encrypting. 

    NOTE:  If you are running Windows 8 and your machine is not equipped with a TPM, then you will be required to create a password that will need to be used to unlock the machine when booting.  If your machine does have a TPM installed, you can configure a password at a later time, but it is not required.


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