What are common issues with encryption?

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If the client never pops up and asks you to encrypt, some possible causes are:

  1. The client never installed (for 64 bit machines check C:\Program Files\Microsoft\MDOP MBAM to see if it installed C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\MDOP MBAM to see if it installed for 32 bit machines).  If you have PGP installed, the client will not install.  If you at some point had it installed and have since unencrypted your machine and uninstalled it, it may have left behind some component that is preventing MBAM  from installing.  Delete %programdata%\PGP Corporation\PGP folder.
  2. Your machine must be joined to the domain to install the client and be on the campus network (either connected locally at UIC or via VPN)
  3. The client is installed via group policy which refreshes every 90 minutes.  Wait or open an administrative command prompt and type: gpupdate /force

When using the self-service portal, you receive a message stating that you have entered an "Invalid recovery key ID"

The MBAM self-service portal will only allow you to retrieve a recovery key for a machine that the system deems you "authorized" to use (i.e. it is a machine you have successfully logged into before).  If you attempt the retrieve a key for a machine you are not authorized to use, it will say "Invalid recovery key ID."

Error during encryption

Some users may see an error during the initial encryption process if they are attempting to encrypt off campus and haven't first used a VPN client to connect to the campus network.


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