What are some features and requirements of the Technology Solutions West Campus Data Center ?

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Key features and requirements of the Technology Solutions West Campus Data Center are listed below.


Technology Solutions’s West Campus Data Center provides a server hosting environment including UPS and Generator backup power.  This Technology Solutions controlled space is operated as a university HIPAA covered entity, departmental server resource, in order to provide secure and reliable services for university servers, computing, and data applications.


·        Standard 1 GB Ethernet to campus backbone is available

·        The Data Center is under video surveillance 24/7

·        All locations are secured 24/7

·        Access is granted through authorization by contacting Technology Solutions NOC

·        Fire suppression and environmental controls

·        Technology Solutions will ensure the data center operates within the Industry (ASHRAE) recommend cooling range for data centers

·        Technology Solutions will notify tenant of planned maintenance and incidents that may impact co-located equipment 

·        In case of a planned outage for an infrastructure system (e.g., power outage, UPS testing), each tenant will be contacted in advance 

·        Change controls and planned outages will occur during the standard change control window

·        Infrastructure components and systems are covered under support and maintenance contracts and tested weekly, monthly, bi-annually, or quarterly, depending on component


·        All authorized tenants and visitors must sign in/out at designated sign in sheet 

·        Server must meet rack mount specifications 

·        Contact information for server administrators, departmental personnel, and hardware inventory must be updated / kept current at all times


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