How do I forward calls from my VOIP phone remotely?

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You can forward calls from your VOIP phone without needing to be on campus.

NOTE:  You must be connected to UIC's AnyConnect VPN to complete this process.  Instructions for obtaining VPN can be found at UIC VPN

1. Visit and log in.
self care portal sign inscreen
2. On the "Phones" Tab,  select "Call Forwarding" and then check the box to the left of "Forward all calls to: " for the line that should have call forwarding set.  In the dropdown menu to the right of "Forward all calls to: ", select "Add a new number".
details of phones screen
3. Type the phone number where calls should be forwarded to.  If you will be routing to an off-campus phone number, enter 9 and then the full 11 digit phone number(example: 913121234567) and then press "Save".  
final step screen
4. You will receive a message that the call forwarding has been set.
example confirmation message
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