How Do I Import Google Calendar to Outlook/Exchange Online?

If you want to import your Google Calendar into Outlook, you don’t have to re-enter all of your appointments. Instead, export your Google Calendar to a file, and then import them into Outlook on your desktop. It’s not a one-click button but there’s a wizard that’ll walk you through the steps.

If you don't have Outlook installed on your computer, you can't import Google Calendar into Outlook Web App or Outlook on the web. But you can subscribe to a Google Calendar(Instructions at bottom). This option has less functionality than importing the calendar.

Step 1: Export your Google Calendar

  1. Log on to your Google Gmail account, and then choose Calendar.

  2. Choose My Calendars > Settings.

    example screen my calendars and settings

  3. Choose Export calendars.

    showing location of export calendars button

  4. Select a location to save the extracted file.

    showing where to click save

  5. Go to that location and unzip the file: right-click the file and choose Extract All.

    where to find Extract option

    The extracted file will look something like the this one:

    example listing for extracted file

    If you have multiple Google calendars, you'll see an ICS file for each one.

Now you're ready to import your Google Calendar into Outlook.

Step 2: Import your Google Calendar to Outlook

Do this step for each Google Calendar you want to import to Outlook.

  1. In Outlook on your desktop (Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016), go to your Calendar.

  2. Choose File > Open & Export > Import/Export.

  3. In the Import and Export Wizard, choose Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file, and then choose Next.

    Import and Export screen

  4. Browse to where you stored the extracted file, and choose the one that ends with, and choose OK.

    how to find the file

  5. Choose Import.

    how to find import button

  6. Go to your Outlook calendar. You should now see your Google Calendar events there.

To Subscribe to your Google Calendar in OWA/Exchange Online(if Outlook is not installed on your machine)

An Internet Calendar (iCal) Subscription keeps your Outlook copy of your Google Calendar up-to-date.

  1. Log in to your Google Calendar account.

  2. In the left column, click My calendars to expand it, click the arrow button next to the calendar that you want to add to Outlook as an Internet Calendar Subscription, and then select Calendar settings.

    where to find calendar settings

  3. Under Private Address, click ICAL.

    ical button location

  4. Right-click the web address that appears, and then click Copy shortcut in the shortcut menu.

    Note: Don’t click the link. If you do, the calendar will open in Outlook as a Calendar Snapshot and won’t be updated.

    how to find copy shortcut

  5. Log into with your e-mail address and Technology Solutions common password.

  6. Click on the calendar icon


       where to find calendar button


     7.  Right-click on "Other calendars" and select "Open Calendar"

         Other calendars button


      8.  Paste the shortcut you copied in step 4 into the "Web Calendar" field and click "Open"

           where to paste shortcut


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