How do I setup Exchange Online for my iOS mobile device?

You can access UIC's Exchange Online email service using either the official Microsoft Outlook app, or the native iOS Mail app.

Using the official Microsoft Outlook App

1. Download the Outlook for iOS app from the App Store:

Open the app and tap “Get Started”


      2.  Choose whether or not to allow the Outlook app to send notifications of incoming email and events.



      3.  On the “Add Email Account” screen, type your full UIC email (, then tap add account. It should auto detect your account type. If it can’t, or is having trouble, a button will appear below “Add Account” that will allow you to choose the account type. If this happens, choose “Office 365”.



      4.  Type your common password, then tap “Sign in”


      5..Add another account if desired, else tap “Maybe Later”


Swipe through the feature explanations or tap skip. The app should now be downloading emails and showing the inbox.

Using the native iOS Mail app

These steps may differ slightly between different devices and versions of iOS or Outlook. For versions of iOS before 11, the process is the same, but the Add Account button is in Settings > Mail > Accounts. Differences may also exist between university-owned and personal devices.

Connect your iOS mobile device (e.g., iPhone or iPad) to Office 365 by following the instructions below.

1. Tap the Settings app.

2. Tap Accounts and Passwords


3. Tap Add Account.

4. Tap Exchange.

5. Complete the Account Information fields using the info below and
tap Next.

Email: Enter your UIC email address (i.e.,

Description: Enter "Office 365" or something else descriptive.

6. A prompt will appear. Tap Sign-In

7. A Safari frame will open, and load the UIC Office 365 sign in portal. Enter your common password. 

8. Tap the blue Sign in button. You may be prompted to allow "iOS Accounts" access to your Exchange account. If this prompt appear, tap Accept.

9. Swipe Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Notes to sync all of your Office 365 data, or swipe on only what you want to sync. 

10. Tap Save.

11. Your iOS device is now ready to be used with your Office 365 account!


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