How do I setup my UIC Exchange email on my iOS or iPadOS device?

You can access UIC Exchange email using the official Microsoft Outlook app.

  1. Download the Outlook for iOS app from the App Store. Open the app and tap “Get Started”

  2. Choose whether or not to allow the Outlook app to send notifications of incoming email and events.

  3. On the “Add Email Account” screen, type your full UIC email (, then tap add account. It should auto-detect your account type. If it can’t, or is having trouble, a button will appear below “Add Account” that will allow you to choose the account type. If this happens, choose “Microsoft/Office 365”.

              add email account screen showing field to enter your U I C email
  4. Type your common password, then tap “Sign in”

  5. Authenticate with Duo 2-Factor Authentication when prompted. Please visit How do I get started with Duo 2FA for more information about Duo.

    Duo two factor authentication prompt
  6. Add another account if desired, else tap “Maybe Later”. Swipe through the feature explanations or tap skip. The app should now be downloading emails and showing the inbox.

    Files screen with listing of files and folders and Attach Files directions
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