How do I sync my university NetID password?

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If you find that your university password is working for some systems but not others, it may be useful to try a password sync. This means that you will 'change' your password to the same password it is currently set to so that your current password is sent to all university systems.  

Note for UI Hospital Affiliates:

  • This process is also applicable to Hospital affiliates accessing the NetID Center for the first time, who log in with their Hospital system password to set and sync their NetID password. 
  • Effective 10/3/2023, the distinction between UI Hospital system passwords and UIC passwords will be removed and UI Hospital affiliates, like the rest of the university community, will use only one password. Impacted individuals will receive direct email communications regarding this change and any actions they may need to take. As of 10/3/23, Hospital affiliates will use the NetID Center, as shown below, to manage their passwords for all university and UI Hospital systems.


Steps to Sync Password

  1. Log in to the NetID Center at with your current university or Hospital system password. If you are not able to log in, you will need to set a new password using your recovery options. Instructions can be found here: I forgot my password, what should I do?
  2. Once logged in, select the "Change Password" button.

    Net I D home screen
  3. Verify your password recovery options and then reset/sync your password to the exact same password you logged in with. If your password is synced, you will receive a message similar to the one below.

    The password you reset/sync through NetID Center will be your new NetID password, and its expiration date will be aligned with your NetID password.

    Note for UI Hospital Affiliates:

    The password reset/sync may result in extending the password expiration date, which is perfectly normal. This situation is typically encountered by UI Hospital affiliates who are accessing the NetID Center for the first time using their existing UI Hospital password to perform a reset/sync of their password.

    Please note all password resets/syncs conducted as of 10/3/2023 will not only reset/sync the password you use for university systems but also the password you use for Hospital systems if you have a Hospital account.

    example confirmation screen
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