I forgot my university NetID password, what should I do?

Passwords can be recovered using self-service options or with assistance from university IT.

Note for UI Hospital Affiliates:

  • Effective 10/3/2023, the distinction between UI Hospital system passwords and UIC passwords will be removed and UI Hospital affiliates, like the rest of the university community, will use only one password. Impacted individuals will receive direct email communications regarding this change and any actions they may need to take. As of 10/3/23, Hospital affiliates will use the NetID Center, as shown below, to manage their passwords for all university and UI Hospital systems.


Self-Service Password Recovery

  1. Go to http://identity.uillinois.edu
  2. Select Forgotten or expired password?

    Net I D Center home
  3. Enter your NetID (DO NOT include '@uic.edu') and select Enter.

    Forgotten or Expired Password screen
  4. Complete the Duo 2FA login process

  5. If you have a recovery email address defined, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Otherwise, you will be prompted to receive either a text or an automated call to initiate a reset of your password.

    notification message
  6. Once your password is successfully reset, please revisit http://identity.uillinois.edu to review and update your password reset recovery options:

    recovery settings screen

    It is recommended that you regularly review and update/add recovery options as needed. This will ensure the quickest and most convenient method to recover your password if you need to in the future.


Assistance from University IT

If the self-service process was not successful, you may contact the appropriate university IT service desk for support:

UI Hospital Affiliates

If you are affiliated with UI Hospital, you may contact the 24/7 UI Hospital IS Helpdesk.

In-Person Assistance

If you are on the Chicago campus, you can visit the Tech Helpdesk for in-person password reset assistance. See it.uic.edu/tech-helpdesk for hours and locations.

Remote Assistance

If you are unable to come to campus for in-person assistance, Technology Solutions can provide remote assistance. Submit a request for assistance at it.uic.edu/service-desk. Please be prepared to attend a Video Call.

Technology Solutions may need to schedule a video call with you to confirm your identity in order to assist you further with resetting your password. Please be proactive and prepare for the video call. This will ensure the most efficient handling of your request.

Technology Solutions will inform you if a video call is required and will schedule the date and time accordingly. Note the following proactive steps to be prepared for a video call:

  • Have your valid iCard (required) ready to visibly present on camera

  • Be prepared to present your person along with your valid iCard on camera during the video call

  • Get acquainted with joining a Zoom meeting.

  • Think of three times and dates that are the most convenient for you to attend the video call

  • Be prepared to spend about 15 minutes on the video call

  • Keep a close watch on your email for more information and instructions and respond accordingly

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