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Register for a YouTube account using your UIC netID. Logging into YouTube with your UIC credentials will ensure that your information is in compliance with university privacy policies and that your videos remain secure.
Explains why auditing students cannot obtain a NetID
If you find that your NetID password is working for some systems but not others, it may be useful to try a password resync. This means that you will change your password to the same thing that it is currently set to so that your current password is sent to all systems.
Your UIC email address is not the exact same thing as your NetID.
Departments can set up UIC NetIDs for external affiliates. There are two steps: is a University of Illinois at Chicago portal for incoming students which serves student administrative needs.
In some cases, it may not be possible to come to campus to reset a forgotten password.
Guests (i.e., external colleagues) can obtain a NetID and password in order to access UIC Qualtrics or be invited to collaborate with a UIC Qualtrics account owner.
Explains what a person should do if their password expired.
Explains the differences between NetIDs and Enterprise IDs
Explains how new students and faculty can get a net Id
If you cannot log in to Blackboard and you are new to UIC, it is likely that a password has not yet been set for your UIC NetID. For students, this is commonly done during orientation.
Requirements and costs of a MySQL database hosted through Technology Solutions
When you create a survey, you’ll see inside the editing page (Open project > “Survey”) that there is an icon titled “Survey Flow”
Account suspension can occur for many reasons, but the most common would be that suspicious activity has been detected on one of your NetID accounts.