What is my NetID?

Your Network ID (NetID) is a network login assigned to you that is unique across all University of Illinois campuses. It serves as your login to many University computing and networking services.

A UIC NetID and password are required for:

  • Using Technology Solutions services such as UIC email, UIC-WiFi, Blackboard, personal computer labs and printers.
  • Accessing the my.UIC.edu portal website
  • Logging in to various secured or personalized UIC and University of Illinois websites and services.

Student NetIDs are automatically assigned when the student's application for admission is accepted. The pre-assigned NetID is revealed to the student when they complete UIC NetID Activation and establish their password for the first time.

Employees claim their NetIDs and set up their passwords when they complete the onboarding UI New Hire application. If an employee has a previously assigned NetID, that NetID will be displayed within this application.  Employees without a previously assigned NetID will select their NetID via this process.

If you have forgotten your NetID, you may use your UIN and previously set password recovery options to retrieve your NetID in the University of Illinois NetID Center.

Secondary NetIDs

In some cases, secondary NetIDs are needed for various purposes. Secondary NetIDs are requested via the Departmental/Administrative Accounts service. For information on changing passwords for secondary NetIDs, please see How can I recover or change the password to my secondary NetID?

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