How do I create a U of I Box account?

To open a Box account visit the University of Illinois Box Signup page,


start screen for box

select your university screen

Select University of Illinois Chicago from the list of campuses and click Select this campus. You can opt to remember these settings for up to a month. Authenticate via Bluestem with your UIC NetID and password. 

U I C login screen

To access your Box account after it's created, visit University of Illinois Box and click Continue and authenticate using your UIC NetID and password. Note: If you haven't yet created your University Box account, do not click Continue. Visit the University of Illinois Box Signup page first.

Invalid login details

If you receive Invalid Login details error upon successful Bluestem authentication it is likely that you have a pre-existing non-University account with Box that was created using your UIC email address.


invalid log in screen

To resolve this conflict, log in to Box using your previous Box password (use the Forgot password function if needed) and change the email address associated with the account to a different, non-UIC email address. Once the email address is changed, visit the University of Illinois Box Signup page to create your University Box account.

university sign up screen


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