What are the common problems with CrashPlan?

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This article details how to troubleshoot problems with CrashPlan.


The majority of our users are able to use CrashPlan without reporting any issues. However, when issues arise, we're here to help. This article describes the most-frequently reported issues and provides solutions and next steps for each. 


Network Issues

If you see the message Destination is not available, it is most likely caused by a network issue. Step through the suggestions in our Network Troubleshooting guide to identify and correct the issue. If you are trying to back up to another computer, but can't connect, see our troubleshooting guide for Connections Between Computers.

Backup Never Reaches 100% - Unable To Back Up Files

If your backup was making steady progress, but never reaches 100%, it may be stuck on certain files. Check the CrashPlan app's History tab for the message Unable to back up (number of) files. If you see this message, see our troubleshooting guide for your operating system. History

CrashPlan Runs Out Of Memory And Crashes

If you have a large backup selection (more than 1 TB or 1 million files), you may need to allocate more memory to the CrashPlan app. When CrashPlan doesn't have enough memory, you might experience any of the following symptoms:

  • When opening the CrashPlan app, the message Unable to connect to the backup engine, retry? appears
  • The CrashPlan app crashes repeatedly while scanning files
  • Unpredictable application behavior

See our troubleshooting guide to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Clearing Your Cache For Quick Fixes

CrashPlan stores a cache of temporary information on your computer, much like a web browser does. This cache includes information about all of your destinations, the data you have on your computer, and a number of settings that help CrashPlan run fast. If this cache becomes outdated or gets modified, you may experience any of the following:

  • CrashPlan reports there are no files to restore, or some files appear to be missing from the Restore tab 
  • CrashPlan is unable to connect to the backup engine
  • CrashPlan is reporting incorrect information about your backup status or reports that it is backing up your entire computer all over again

You can resolve these issues by clearing your cache.

Is My Backup Starting Over?

The answer to this question is almost always, "No." However, CrashPlan does a full file verification scan periodically that can look like your backup is starting over. Read more about what the scan does, how it looks, and how to tell if it's happening in our troubleshooting guide.

Backup Status And Full File Verification Scans 
If you receive a backup status report while the CrashPlan app is running a full file verification scan, your Backed Up % may display a drop in percentage. Your backup is okay! After the scan completes, the percentage will return to normal. 

User Permissions Requirement (Windows)

In Windows, CrashPlan relies on the system user's read/write permissions to access your files. However, there are some files or directories the system user may not have permissions to access. If you need to back up these files or folders, follow our tutorial to add the system user to the permissions list


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