How do I request a university identity (NetID) for external affiliates?

Departments can set up UIC NetIDs for external affiliates. There are two steps:

  1. Request UINs (University Identification Numbers) from i-Card Programs for the individuals you want to grant access to.
  2. Once you have the UINs, locate your unit Phonebook Contact and provide them with the UIN that was assigned and the email of the person who will use the UIC identity. Your Phonebook Contact can create the NetIDs using the External Affiliates application
Note: Only Phonebook Contacts have access to this application. Full-time employees who work with UIC programs that sponsor guest affiliates on a regular basis can also be set up with authorization to create UIC NetIDs.

To request access to the External Affiliates application, send an email to and include a brief description of your program and the services the NetIDs are needed for.

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