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To provide instructor with clear information about when to use the request form for classroom Echo360 recording or live streaming.
There are several ways to have a presentation for students to view online. Depending on the nature of the presentation, you can use different technologies.
Contact the appropriate unit to arrange lecture capture:
Echo360 is a system that allows instructors to easily stream and record lectures taught in specific UIC classrooms and make them available to their students through Blackboard.
This article provides a quick guide of how to initialize and deploy the Echo360 POD
This article explains the adaptors needed in UIC classrooms for the proper function of Echo360 POD
Provides instruction on how an echo360 administrator can schedule classroom captures in classrooms equipped with echo360 devices.
Under some circumstances, users have issues when trying to log into Echo360 ALP using the Safari browser on a Mac.
Shows how to add Echo360 to the left side navigation bar in Blackboard original course view.
This article explains how to connect Echo360 ALP sections to Blackboard content links.
Provides steps for adding Echo360 tool to Blackboard course sites.
In order for students to access the Echo360 content for a course, you must add a Tool link to the Echo360 external tool, then connect your Echo360 section to that link. The Echo360 tool must be added through the Assessments menu on the Content page to enable student participation statistics to be sent to the Grade Center.
Faculty using Personal Capture via Echo360 need to request access for every class, every semester.
Echo360 Universal Capture application can be installed to a PC to use as personal capture software to record your screen and an additional video source.
Technology Solutions-LTS may take up to two business days to fulfill lecture capture requests.