Why am I receiving a Login Failed error in AnyConnect?

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There are a few reasons why the AnyConnect client may give an error of Login Failed.

VPN Login Failed

 Note: With Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client you may need to retype vpn.uic.edu into the box, some Pc’s do not cache UIC-VPN.
There are three basic causes of the Login Failed error:
  1. Incorrect password or 2FA Method entered:
    • It is possible you accidentally mistyped either your password, or the 2FA Method (which must be either push, sms, phone, or the 6-digit code generated by the Duo Mobile app, received via SMS, or received as a 2FA, Temporary Passcode). Please retry logging in to AnyConnect. 
  2. SMS option used for the 2FA Method
    • As described in How do I log in to the UIC VPN?, using the SMS option will result in the Login Failed message, and you must then re-enter your password and enter the 6-digit code received via text message to your registered device into the 2FA Method field. This will allow you to login successfully.
  3. 2FA failed connection:
    • Sometimes, using the push or phone options for 2FA Method can also fail, sometimes due to a slow response from the Duo 2FA system. In these cases, you can also directly enter the 6-digit code generated by your Duo mobile app or your registered physical token.

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