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The default 2FA options can incur data charges for text messages, phone calls, or accessing the Duo Mobile application while you are outside of the USA. However, there are options to avoid this.
Technology Solutions has developed a web application for designated administrators of unit network space to manage the end-users that are authorized to access the respective unit's network.
Provides instructions on and troubleshooting information for accessing university resources from off-campus.
Some resources managed by the UIC Library require the use of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) when you are not physically on-campus.
Instructions for configuring a linux server's firewall rules to allow connections via Cisco AnyConnect.
If you are having trouble accessing UIC resources such as Blackboard, email, and more, from outside of the US, try using the UIC VPN solution.
This document provides instructions on use of UIC’s VPN solution. Please note that the use of this VPN solution requires you to enroll in the university’s 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) solution. 2FA provides an additional level of security to protect your resources.
There are a few reasons why the AnyConnect client may give an error of Login Failed.
This article presents three different options on how to access your Unity voicemail.
This article contains a network diagram detailing how network traffic flows into and out of Azure from on campus.