Can someone help me change my password without me coming to the university?

In some cases, it may not be possible to come to campus to reset a forgotten password. As a first step, try to recover your password by visiting the NetID Center at: For more self-service password reset information refer to I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you’re not able to recover your password on your own, please complete the Contact Us.

Please be prepared to attend a Video Call
We may need to schedule a video call with you to confirm your identity in order to assist you further with resetting your password. Therefore, we request that you be proactive and prepare for the video call. This will ensure the most efficient handling of your request.

When we reply to your request, we will inform you if a video call is required and we will schedule the date and time accordingly. Note the following proactive steps to be prepared for a video call:

  • Have your valid iCard (required) ready to visibly present on camera

  • Be prepared to present your person along with your valid iCard on camera during the video call

  • Get acquainted with joining a Zoom meeting, and view this quick tutorial on connecting with video:

  • Think of three times and dates that are the most convenient for you to attend the video call

  • Be prepared to spend about 15 minutes on the video call

  • Keep a close watch on your email for more information and instructions and respond accordingly


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