How long is Panopto data retained in UIC?

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With Panopto users can create recordings, bookmarks, notes, and discussions. Data from Panopto can be manually or automatically deleted.

Data manually deleted

  • Manually deleted items are removed from Panopto and moved to a 90 day recycle bin.

Data will automatically be deleted

  1. If a video has no views for 3 years it will be deleted
  2. If Panopto content is associated with an  archived Blackboard course it will be deleted after videos are not viewed for 3 years.  Courses in Blackboard are archived after 3 years, so for most CRN courses Panopto videos are deleted when the Blackboard course is archived.


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Fri 1/15/21 6:27 PM
Thu 8/12/21 3:56 PM

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