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This article lists 3rd party applications supported by UIC Bluestem Single Sign-On via SAML technology (Shibboleth).
There is a number of useful tools to complement your website. Some of the tools listed here are not supported by Technology Solutions, but they are available to the UIC community.
There are a number of Zoom Apps that are available for you to install from the Zoom Marketplace that you can install by following the provided links.
In order to use a non-accessible type question in Qualtrics, you need to request an exception to the defaulted Qualtrics accessibility limit. In the event that a user both absolutely requires the use of a non-accessible question type and can assure that his/her survey will not be distributed to the public, override requests may be made with the Technology Solutions Service Desk.
There are multiple methods of distributing Qualtrics surveys. One of the most popular methods is using an which allows you to send a single link for all potential respondents. The downside of this type of link is that it will allow with the link to access and submit a response to your survey - this means that the survey link could be forwarded to others outside of your intended
Qualtrics has an integration enabled called Tango Card / Rewards Genius. This integration will allow you to easily configure any Qualtrics survey to automatically send a reward link (gift card) to respondents upon survey completion.
Guests (i.e., external colleagues) can obtain a NetID and password in order to access UIC Qualtrics or be invited to collaborate with a UIC Qualtrics account owner.
You may have a list of potential survey respondents in a spreadsheet (.csv). It is possible to upload a spreadsheet of contacts (build a "panel") in Qualtrics.
On occasion, those with accounts at might not be able to find a particular survey that should be available to them in their account.