What Zoom Apps are available and how can I install and use them?

There are a number of Zoom Apps that are available for you to install from the Zoom Marketplace that you can install by following the provided links.

What is the Zoom Marketplace?

Accessible by going to marketplace.zoom.us, the Zoom App Marketplace is an open and secure platform that allows third-party developers to build applications that leverage Zoom's video-first unified communications platform that spans video, voice, content sharing, and chat across desktop, mobile and workspaces.

Available Applications:

The following applications have been pre-approved for use with Zoom at UIC

NOTE:  Please click on the name of the application to open a new window with information about the application. On each individual page, there should be a link in the upper right-hand corner "Visit Site to Install".  Clicking on this link will take you to a page with information about installing the application or, in some cases, immediately start the installation process.




Microsoft Teams

Google Calendar Notifications



Qualtrics Notifications

Google Drive for Zoom



How do I request an app become pre-approved?

3rd party Zoom Marketplace applications are reviewed on a case by case basis.  Criteria are based on the requestor's status within the covered entity at the university, existing agreements between the University and the given integrated platform, and more.  If you have a Zoom marketplace app request please submit it using this form.


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