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Some resources managed by the UIC Library require the use of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) when you are not physically on-campus.
Managing permissions in Azure is straightforward.
Technology Solutions has developed a web application for designated administrators of unit network space to manage the end-users that are authorized to access the respective unit's network.
This article summarizes how to set up the Zoom integration so that students can access your course recordings.
Departments can set up UIC NetIDs for external affiliates. There are two steps:
There are multiple methods of distributing Qualtrics surveys. One of the most popular methods is using an which allows you to send a single link for all potential respondents. The downside of this type of link is that it will allow with the link to access and submit a response to your survey - this means that the survey link could be forwarded to others outside of your intended
There are two group options when connecting to AnyConnect: General-Use and Library-Resources.
Guests (i.e., external colleagues) can obtain a NetID and password in order to access UIC Qualtrics or be invited to collaborate with a UIC Qualtrics account owner.
To open or find an assignment, contact your instructor or LTS
Listed below are some pros of Asynchronous Instruction as well as some cons and some Best Practices solutions.
Information on how to request 24/7 iCard swipe access to UIC Buildings
This article walks the end user through the process of obtaining permission to have an application hosted in the cloud via an application request form found at:
When access issues exist in a product or service, it is necessary to determine an accessible equivalent method of access and to ensure that support staff for the product or service are aware of the issues and their impact.
Students can be removed from the Users and Groups page.
You can request API be enabled in your Qualtrics account by emailing with your request.