How do students see Zoom recordings in Blackboard?

This article summarizes how to set up the Zoom integration so that students can access your course recordings.

Accessing Zoom Recordings

You will need to grant your students access to the Zoom tool for them to automatically be able to access your course Zoom recordings:

1. In the upper left hand course menu, click the plus sign.

2. Click Tool Link.

3. Name and tool, and for 'type,' select "Zoom Meeting."

4. Click available to users and Submit.

5. Click on the new Zoom Meeting link. 

6. If you click on Recordings, all recordings will appear there.


showing upcoming meetings and cloud recordings buttons


  • Schedule your Zoom meetings from the Blackboard course menu link so that students can see the Zoom meetings immediately. 
  • Create a recurring meeting so that instructors don't have to keep creating new meeting links. 

For more information, see How can Zoom meetings be scheduled in a Blackboard Course?


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