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This article summarizes how to set up the Zoom integration so that students can access your course recordings.
Webex meetings can be recorded.
Start hosting meetings with Webex
Webex Meetings is approved for use for telehealth, but there are some things to be aware of:
This article summarizes how to create a graded assignment in VoiceThread.
Provides instructions on accessing and using Panopto.
The Zoom integration with Panopto allows for Zoom recordings to be uploaded seamlessly into Panopto.
With Panopto users can create recordings, bookmarks, notes, and discussions. Data from Panopto can be manually or automatically deleted.
These are resources to consult before installing Panopto
You can join a Collaborate session by using the Collaborate Launcher
Your narrated PowerPoint presentation can be exported and turned into an MP4 video, which can then be uploaded to Blackboard.
Recordings from Zoom meetings using Record to the Cloud will be automatically uploaded to Echo360 after adjusting account settings.
Listed below are some pros of Asynchronous Instruction as well as some cons and some Best Practices solutions.
Here are some points to consider when using Asynchronous Instruction.
Here is a list of default settings produced by Technology Solutions for instructors using Zoom to teach online.