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Office 365 is offered to University of Illinois faculty, staff, and students on the Urbana campus. These are the basics of reaching and using the service.
Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace and real-time collaboration tool that combines workplace chat, meetings, file storage, and application integration - a great way to get productive and keep track of your progress. UIC students, faculty and staff can use MS Teams. Below you can find training available:
The more options button on the left side of Teams holds all of your most important apps.
Intune is constantly being updated with new features and patches, so the best resource for any Intune information is Microsoft's official documentation.
Ability to access the Intune Management Portal depends on whether your department has been provisioned yet.
To obtain Microsoft Office for your personal computer, follow these steps:
Safe Links is part of Microsoft's Defender platform and helps better protect you from malicious links in emails. Safe Links checks URLs to see if they are malicious or safe before loading the web page. If the URL leads to an attachment, the attachment will be scanned for malware. If the URL is identified as insecure, the user is taken to a page displaying a warning message.
The table below lists the different features and capabilities for Blackboard Collaborate, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex and Zoom conferencing tools.
This article gives an overview of what type of activity is logged into Azure and for what duration of time.
Microsoft has recently changed how Windows devices need to license Office 365 installations on a per-device basis, now called Device-Based Activation. These are the instructions to deploy Office to allow for licensing via device based activation.
There are a number of Zoom Apps that are available for you to install from the Zoom Marketplace that you can install by following the provided links.
The Webex integration to Outlook provides basic options for scheduling a meeting. Some options that appear on your Webex site may not be available in the Webex integration to Outlook. The Webex integration to Outlook does not support all the recurrence options that are available in Microsoft Outlook. In any meeting invitations that you send from Microsoft Outlook, the meeting's start time appears in the time zone that is set on your computer, and may not match the time zone preferences you have
This article details how to grant permission to other users to schedule and start Webex meetings on your behalf.