How do I update my information in the UIC Directory?

Affiliation Type


Student information, including that which is displayed in the UIC Directory, is managed by the Office of the Registrar. Students should use the Student Self-Service portal at to update personal information.  Policies and instructions can be found in Changing your Personal Information.

Faculty and Staff

Employees are automatically added to the UIC Directory when they complete UI New Hire. Additional directory information is added by the departmental Phonebook Contact liaisons. 

Phonebook contact liaisons add job titles, office address and phone number for each record.  Employee names are managed by HR processes and cannot be altered by Phonebook Contact liaisons. The default is the legal name but HR processes allow for two alternate versions of display name.

  • Finding Your Phonebook Contact Liaison: Locate your unit's Phonebook Contact Liaison by browsing or searching for your department listing in the UIC Directory.

Alternate Name Management

Preferred First Name (PFN)

Many individuals are known by, or identify themselves by, an alternate first name rather than by their legal first name. Students and employees can set a Preferred First Name in Banner, which will then be used for display in the UIC Directory. 

Published Professional Name (PPN)

Faculty who prefer to be listed in the UIC Directory under a Published or Professional Name, one that is widely recognized and/or published in print, should contact the UIC HR Help Desk. PPN requests require the approval of UIC HR.

NetID changes

Changes to UIC NetIDs are made on a case-by-case basis. Please consult the UIC NetID Change Policy for more information.

Personal website URL

Students, faculty and staff have the option of listing a personal website URL in their UIC Directory listing by defining it through the UIC Account Portal.  


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