How do I update my UIC email forwarding?

Your UIC email address is in the form, where "netid" is your UIC NetID. This is an email forwarding address, not an actual email account. In order to be used, must forward to an actual email account, which for most people will be a UIC email account managed by Technology Solutions.

For students, faculty, and staff, your email must route to a UIC email account. The only exceptions to this policy apply to the following special cases:

  • Individuals whose primary affiliation is with another University of Illinois campus may forward to an email address in one of the following domains:,, and
  • Persons who receive a UIC NetID in relation to a role outside of being a UIC student or employee may have the option to forward to a non-University account.

You may log in with your UIC NetID & password to view or make changes to your email routing. The options you see after logging in will be based on the policies for your role as described above, and may include:

  • Select from your existing Technology Solutions email accounts;
  • Create a new account (if applicable);
  • Enter the email address of another email account that you own (within allowed domains).

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