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About this service


The TeamDynamix (TDX) system is administered by a group of Global Administrators and governed by the TDX Collaborative Board. These services allows TDX technicians and/or application administrators to request assistance in facilitating their use of the TeamDynamix system.

A list of available services that can be requested can be viewed when submitting a Service Request via the button on the right.

  • For System Office TeamDynamix users looking for assistance with a System application within TeamDynamix, please use the Application-Level services as this will direct your request to the Application Administrator that can assist. These services would include but not limited to:
    • Forms and Form Fields
    • Email Monitors
    • Assignment Workflows
  • For System Office TeamDynamix Application Administrators and Group Managers looking for assistance with the TeamDynamix System as a whole, please use the System-Level services as this will direct your request to the Global Administrators of the system. These services would include but not limited to:
    • User and Group management
    • Application Management
    • Project and Portfolio Management requests and changes
    • Integrations

Getting and using this service

Who can use the service Any individual currently assigned permissions in the TeamDynamix system. This includes but is not limited to technicians, application administrators, and project managers.
How to get the service Choose the appropriate button to the right. 
Cost None
Documentation and training links System Offices Technician Training Overview:

Support and Hours

Contact for help and support Using these forms are the preferred methods for contacting the TeamDynamix Support Team.
Report a System-level Problem Submit a System-Level Service Request Report an Application-Level Problem Submit an Application-Level Service Request


Service ID: 669
Mon 3/7/22 1:30 PM
Fri 4/15/22 3:04 PM

Service Offerings (4)

Report a System-level Problem
Report a System-Level problem to the Global Administration Team.
Submit a System-Level Service Request
This service allows IT Pros to request services that can only be done by a Global Administrator
Report an Application-Level Problem
This service allows System level IT Pros to report problems with TeamDynamix at the application level.
Submit an Application-Level Service Request
System employees can use this service to request ticketing application services from the Application Admins.