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How to install sysmon on Windows.
Instructions on how to connect to network file shared managed by Technology Solutions
Use these instructions to connect to UIC's Virtual Computer Lab using your web browser:
These instructions apply to Windows and MacOS and will show you how to connect to UIC's Virtual Computer Lab service:
Install the IOS/Android remote desktop client and connect to a Virtual Desktop
Here we show how to set up firewall rules in Windows, both locally and via GPO.
The following software is guaranteed to be present in Technology Solutions managed classrooms and computer labs.
This article lists the software that is available in the Virtual Computer Lab.
Microsoft has recently changed how Windows devices need to license Office 365 installations on a per-device basis, now called Device-Based Activation. These are the instructions to deploy Office to allow for licensing via device based activation.
You can add either a UIC Exchange or UIC Gmail account to Microsoft Outlook
O365 delivers multiple encryption options to help us meet our needs for email security. This article describes how to encrypt email in Office 365.
Join a device to UIC's Azure Active Directory through the use of a Group Policy Objects and verify that the device has successfully entered a hybrid join state.
You can allow your devices to automatically hybrid join through either a new or existing Client Settings policy.