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While the add-on Zoom features like webinars, large meetings, and live caption translation are not included in the standard Zoom meetings license provided to UIC faculty, students and staff, they are available for purchase.
Zoom can be accessed in a myriad of ways. The most popular are as follows:
Zoom AI Companion is a generative AI Assistant, which will help compose emails/chats, summarize information/meetings and so much more!
The table below lists the different features and capabilities for UIC's web conferencing tools.
The purpose of a whiteboard is to visualize thoughts, concepts, and ideas. They are used to explain and teach, or they can be used to plan and create. Online whiteboards improve collaborative and creative processes when teaching online synchronously. See the suggested application to use at the bottom of this article.
A USB-connected document camera or webcam can be used with Zoom.
The Elmo OX-1 document camera is easy to use, not expensive, and it produces a good quality video for teaching. The OX-1 offers 8x digital zoom via software and comes with a built-in microphone. You can use it with any computer and any web-conferencing tool for online dissemination of the content in real-time. Below are the steps on how to use and connect the OX-1 external document camera with your computer.
Recordings from Zoom meetings using Record to the Cloud will be automatically uploaded to Echo360 after adjusting account settings.
Hosts can designate licensed UIC Zoom users as alternate hosts for their Zoom meetings.
What should I know about Zoom?