How can I log in to Zoom?


Zoom can be accessed in a myriad of ways. The most popular are as follows.

IMPORTANT: Students must log in via the Web Interface to receive a Licensed Zoom account. 

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Web Interface:

  • Open Firefox or Chrome and navigate to
    zoom portal initial screen branded for U I C with options to join, host or sign in
  • Select Sign In
    zoom portal screen highlighting the sign in button
  • Enter your UIC NetID credentials into the next window and click Login
  • You are now in your UIC Zoom account where settings can be configured. You can join a meeting, or host a meeting as well.

Zoom Desktop Client:

  • Both the Zoom web interface ( and the desktop ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’ use UIC single-sign-on to provide secure authentication. However, the login steps for the Desktop Client are slightly different for the web interface. You are required to know either your email address or that we use the ‘uic’ domain.
  • After launching the desktop client, you have the option to ‘Join a Meeting' or ‘Sign In.’
  • Click Sign In.
    zoom desktop client initial screen with join a meeting button and sign in button
  • Zoom supports multiple methods of authentication. To use UIC authentication, click on Sign In with SSO.

    zoom authentication options screen highlighting Sign in with S S O option
  • If this is the first time you have used the client, the ‘domain’ field will be blank. You can type ‘uic’ into the field and Continue.
  • NOTE: Clicking on the ‘I do not know the company domain’ link will bring you to the domain search pane. Type your FULL email address and click Continue. The interface will extract the domain (‘uic’) from your email address and you will see the window shown below.

    sign in with S S O screen showing the Company Domain as U I C before you click continue button
  • When the UIC login window appears, please sign in with your UIC NetID and password. You will now be logged into the Zoom Desktop Application.

Outlook Desktop Application:

  • To Login to Zoom Addin in Outlook Desktop Application:
    • Inside the Outlook Desktop Application, open your Calendar you would like to add the Zoom meeting to:
    • Select New Appointment.  The Icon will appear as follows:
      new appointment button, a calendar icon with the text "new appointment"
    • Click “Add a Zoom Meeting” in the upper right corner of the ribbon within the new appointment window
      outlook interface with Add a Zoom meeting button in the navigation bar
    • A new sign in window should appear.  Please click Sign in with SSO
      outlook sign in screen highlighting the "Or Sign in with SSO" option below standard email and password
    • Enter “uic” and complete your domain as: “”
      sign in with S S O screen showing Company Domain U I C
    • Sign in with your UIC NetID credentials
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