Can I add someone else to host my Zoom meeting?

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Hosts can designate licensed UIC Zoom users as alternate hosts for their Zoom meetings.

For information on how to add an alternate host in Zoom, see this article: Zoom

Alternate hosts will receive an email when they are added as an alternate host by the meeting creator and will be able to start the Zoom meeting on the original host's behalf.
Please note that only licensed UIC Zoom users are eligible to be added as alternate hosts.  For information on how to obtain a licensed Zoom account, see How do I get started with Zoom? . Licensed Zoom accounts are available for UIC students, faculty and staff, excluding UI Hospital and Clinics.  Zoom users from other U of I campuses or external affiliates, such as vendors, are not be able to obtain licensed UIC Zoom accounts and cannot be added as alternate hosts.  


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