How can I connect a smart TV, Roku, Amazon Echo, etc. to UIC Wi-Fi using the My Devices Portal?

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Information on the My Devices Portal and how to set it up for students living in UIC residence halls.

Details on My Devices Portal

One of the newest features of the Resident Hall Network is the My Devices Portal. This portal allows students, faculty, and staff within the resident halls to register their devices allowing connection to the mydevices wireless network automatically without the need to sign in each time. Gaming Devices, Smart TVs, and Media Players just a few of the devices that may be registered in this way. Desktop PCs, Laptops, and Tablets should continue connecting though the UIC-Wifi, UIC-Guest, or Eduroam wireless networks.

Instructions at: How do I set up the My Devices Portal?

NOTE: If the status reads "Pending" in the My Device Portal, this means that the device is ready to use.

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