What's the additional costs for using HIPAA VMs in Azure?

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There are additional costs associated with storing HIPAA data in Azure; primarily due to additional logging.

If you are interested in a HIPAA-approved subscription in UIC's Microsoft Azure environment you should be aware that there are extra security and compliance controls applied to HIPAA subscriptions.  A sample list of the controls can be found at Control mapping of the HIPAA HITRUST blueprint sample.


For a single VM, Technology Solutions estimates an additional cost of around $9 a month in log retention (per VM).  This is only an estimate. Microsoft estimates that an average Azure VM creates 1-3 GB of logs a month.

Resources Description Cost Per Month
Storage Accounts Block Blob Storage, General Purpose V2, LRS Redundancy, Hot Access Tier, 50 GB Capacity - Pay as you go, 100,000 Write operations, 100,000 List and Create Container Operations, 100,000 Read operations, 100,000 Archive High Priority Read, 1 Other operations. 1,000 GB Data Retrieval, 1,000 GB Archive High Priority Retrieval, 1,000 GB Data Write $2.08
Azure Monitor 1 VMs monitored, 5 GB average log size, 334 additional days of data retention $6.68
VM Monthly estimated additional cost $8.76
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