How can I request a two week UIC account extension?

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Accounts extension to retrieve data once the university affiliation expires

*Qualified request are only available for 2-week.

Create or move the ticket to the Accounts Queue with the following template:

Access to your Technology Solutions account and email routing for your NetID has been removed because records indicate that you no longer have an active affiliation with UIC. Please recall that notification was sent to you by email in advance of this deletion date in order to allow ample time for you to respond and to resolve any issues related to your status at UIC. "Terms of Accounts" are published at:

Your request for a temporary extension of account access at this time is being referred to an accounts administrator for consideration. Approval of your request and the duration of any extension, if granted, will be determined at the discretion of an accounts administrator on a case-by-case basis.

If you have not already provided all of the information listed below, please reply immediately with this information so that it will be available to the accounts administrator when your request is reviewed:

1. Your UIC NetID
2. A non-UIC email address where you can receive and check email
3. Which specific account(s) you are requesting access to, and why
4. Reason for request, from the following list:
- Temporary access for final retrieval of email or account contents.
- Official approved and documented Leave of Absence.
- Grace period while employee status is being updated.
- Grace period while student status is being resolved.

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