Can I keep my account when I leave UIC?

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The account will expire once you leave UIC.

Technology Solutions email addresses, accounts, and services are available to current UIC students, staff, and faculty. When class registration or employment at UIC ceases, access to email addresses and Technology Solutions email accounts and computing resources is extended for a grace period to allow time for transition to a new email provider. Unfortunately, we cannot offer unlimited periods of account access or email forwarding.

Relationship to UIC Grace period

One full term after class registration ends.

For example, a student who was last registered for the Spring 2013 term will retain their UIC NetID, email address and access to services throughout the Fall 2013 term. 

Faculty and Staff 90 days after employment ends

The Technology Solutions does not provide UIC NetIDs and access to services for persons who have graduated and are no longer affiliated with the University.

For more information please refer to the following policy:


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